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  1. Cheap security from SRAM

    IEEE Spectrum interviews Prof. Wayne Burleson and Dan Holcomb on using the contents of uninitialized SRAM to generate randomness and an identifying fingerprint on future RFID tags.

  2. Workshop on Transportation Payment Security and Privacy

    RFID CUSP researchers held a workshop with academic, industrial, and government participants to brainstorm how to improve security and privacy of integrated payment systems for transportation.

  3. TR35 Innovator of the Year

    Prof. Kevin Fu is named Innovator of the Year by the MIT Technology Review TR35.


  1. Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

    Prof. Kevin Fu explained the challenges for security and privacy of contactless credit cards, NFC phones, and chip-and-pin to attendees at the 2008 Payments Conference organized by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago.